January 2016 Favourites



Window shopping is one of my favourite things to do when passing time. After a late lunch at Carluccio’s, I quickly ran to the nearest shop because it started to rain. If you know me personally, you’d know I never bring umbrella, ever. Anyway, while browsing Urban Outfitters’ sale section I chanced upon a mini backpack that made me mesmerised. I must have inspected the bag for about an hour or so before I decide to buy it. Glad I did, however, it’s not part of January sale, I pay full price!

Black Vegan Leather Mini Backpack – Urban Outfitter 
My Chanel WOC need to take a back seat after using it too many times, it is just that beautiful though! This mini backpack is a great alternative, it is now my second favourite.

Spark Joy by Kon Marie Kondo 
I’m halfway reading this book and I’m already loving it. I gave a lot of my stuff to charity after reading her first book. It was also the time I’ve started thinking about the things I buy. I became more careful and level up my style (wink! wink!)

Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré 
Who else wouldn’t like this book, everyone adores Garance Doré!

I’ve long ditch physical books after realising that they’re just gathering dust (and space) after I read them. I don’t reread books. eBooks and audioBooks are one of my digital collections. I hoard them like no other haha!

Spaghetti Lobster at Carluccio’s – I’ve completely fallen in love with this dish, I must have eaten it every week for the past few months now. Combine it with white house wine (any white wine will do I reckon) and you’re definitely in heaven ^_^



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  1. […] Chanel Small Double Wallet I’m all about classics now, I’ve soon learned that my taste to outfits and accessories have become simple. I used to wear loud prints and neon handbags lol. Over the years, I’ve sold wallets and bags that I used to love but regret buying after few months. This wallet is for keeps though, it is made in caviar with gold hardware. I have it for about six months and recently been using it as it fits very well in my everyday bag. […]

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