Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Having been moved to several countries, I’ve finally learned how to let go of things I don’t need, things that don’t matter. Last year, I participated to two carboot sales, post ads on and gave away a lot of things to charity. On our recent move to London from Dublin, we squeezed all our stuff (accumulated in 10 years) in a medium-sized van.

Once settled here in London, I feel lighter with all unnecessary stuff gone. It helps that the house we’re living in is newly built and was purely painted all in white. I decided not to hang any frames and bring just few accents. I’m planning to buy plants but have to learn not to kill them first.

While exploring more about becoming a minimalist, I chanced upon Rachel Aust’s Minimalism Series on YouTube. She also created a 60 Day Minimalism Challenge available for everyone who wants to simplify their life. I’ll be printing this list and see how I progress…

Let me know if you’re joining the challenge and tag me on Instagram @DesignSpiceUK so we can encourage one another, haha. #60daystominimal


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