Minimalism Series: Wardrobe Essentials


Defining my personal style was easy, I love wearing black, that’s a start. I like wearing skinny jeans pairing them with everything. I’ve given away my dresses even before deciding to take the minimalism challenge. My life revolves around work, meeting friends over coffee or dinner or staying at home most of the times. I hardly go to parties so I don’t think I’ll need party dresses, one (LBD) little black dress would suffice I guess. I live in London where it’s always cold even in the summer so coats and jackets are must-haves. I might gonna have a bit of situation picking which bags to keep. Jewelries not so much, so I won’t have a problem purging this category.

Now I must list the essentials I’d like to keep in my wardrobe.

My 20 Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Coat
  2. Leather jacket
  3. Structured blazer
  4. Black graphic tee
  5. Black and white tees
  6. Black and white blouses
  7. White and grey long sleeves
  8. Black and grey jumpers
  9. Little black dress
  10. A-line skirt
  11. Skinny trousers
  12. Skinny jeans
  13. Ankle boots
  14. Sneakers
  15. Wedges
  16. Knee high boots
  17. Watch and earrings
  18. Cross body bag
  19. Shoulder bag
  20. Backpack

I already have most of the items I listed, except for a perfect leather jacket and A-line skirt. I hope to find them this year.


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