Quick Bio
Hi, my name is Tuesday. I like all things bright and pretty but you’d often see me wear all black or sometimes grey, they’re the only two shades that I love wearing. I love long walks (and road trips) while listening to audiobooks, I think it’s my way of meditating and I get a lot of inspirations by observing things around me.

I started Design Spice & Co after the new year (2016). I wanted this space to be filled with beautiful things, my journey of becoming a minimalist and basically about my day to day experiences. I also want to share design tips and inspirations, things I’ve learned over the years.

By the way, I’m an architect turned UI/ UX Designer based in London UK.

Design Approach
I believe in the power of storytelling, creativity and technology. With all things creative, a solution should be grounded on research, data and defined goals to make it successful. Good UI Design translates into prosperous business, it increases conversion that’ll help company’s success overall. Most importantly, being user-focused is of primary consideration. This ensures digital solutions deliver quality user experience while being aesthetically appealing.

UI & UX Design / Web Development / Creative Direction / Photography