February 2016 Favourites

February flew by just like that and I can’t even remember what I did for the past few weeks! Anyhoo, I still want to post my February favourites to feature products I love:



Chloé Love Story Eau de Parfum
Chanel Fraíche is my signature scent but it’s fun to try new ones. I chanced upon this perfume at the airport and decided to give it a try. What’s not to love using this one, it smells fantastic! I do buy perfumes at the airport because they’re cheaper and I feel that they last longer compare to the ones you buy in the shop. I cannot guarantee this reasoning though, it must just be psychological of some sort haha!



Topshop Fluppy Glass Keyring
You can find all things cute in Topshop, literally everything! I can actually spend an hour at their accessories section. I love browsing at their shop in Oxford St, it has several storeys and they do often have sales.

Chanel Small Double Wallet
I’m all about classics now, I’ve soon learned that my taste to outfits and accessories have become simple. I used to wear loud prints and neon handbags lol. Over the years, I’ve sold wallets and bags that I used to love but regret buying after few months. This wallet is for keeps though, it is made in caviar with gold hardware. I have it for about six months and recently been using it as it fits very well in my everyday bag.


For someone like me who’s always on the go, I’d highly recommend audiobooks. I’d managed to finished several books just by listening to them while I’m travelling, at the gym or even when I’m cooking. I’d never thought that I would be addicted to it but I am now. Below are the three books I’ve finished this month, I did enjoy listening to all of them.

My Life in France by Julia Child
Maya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende
Waiting to Be Heard by Amanda Knox


January 2016 Favourites



Window shopping is one of my favourite things to do when passing time. After a late lunch at Carluccio’s, I quickly ran to the nearest shop because it started to rain. If you know me personally, you’d know I never bring umbrella, ever. Anyway, while browsing Urban Outfitters’ sale section I chanced upon a mini backpack that made me mesmerised. I must have inspected the bag for about an hour or so before I decide to buy it. Glad I did, however, it’s not part of January sale, I pay full price!

Black Vegan Leather Mini Backpack – Urban Outfitter 
My Chanel WOC need to take a back seat after using it too many times, it is just that beautiful though! This mini backpack is a great alternative, it is now my second favourite.

Spark Joy by Kon Marie Kondo 
I’m halfway reading this book and I’m already loving it. I gave a lot of my stuff to charity after reading her first book. It was also the time I’ve started thinking about the things I buy. I became more careful and level up my style (wink! wink!)

Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré 
Who else wouldn’t like this book, everyone adores Garance Doré!

I’ve long ditch physical books after realising that they’re just gathering dust (and space) after I read them. I don’t reread books. eBooks and audioBooks are one of my digital collections. I hoard them like no other haha!

Spaghetti Lobster at Carluccio’s – I’ve completely fallen in love with this dish, I must have eaten it every week for the past few months now. Combine it with white house wine (any white wine will do I reckon) and you’re definitely in heaven ^_^