Minimalism Series: Digital Spring Cleaning


Spring has finally arrived and I’ve finally did my “digital spring cleaning”. It baffles me to discover duplicates of files in my laptop and more duplicates in my cloud storage. I have about six external hard drives and a drobo which I haven’t open yet but that would be for another spring cleaning. My main target is to delete unnecessary files in my laptop and have more free space.

This digital spring cleaning is specifically for my Macbook Pro, I have yet to do any cleaning/ sorting my email, social media and other gadgets I have (iPad and iPhone).

I deleted apps that I don’t use anymore
My laptop is only a year and a half old, I was shocked to see old apps I purchased just because they were popular back then. I am naive like that, I buy things I thought I’m going to use but never had. The best thing to do is to delete them.

I removed contacts whom I don’t have business or friends with anymore
I’m a certified introvert but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to meet new people. I like meeting new people actually and exchanging contacts is cool when you actually do contact one another.

I created a repository for my files
It’s important to separate personal and business files. These two keywords are my basis in creating folders.

I deleted duplicated files
This took me a while to decide as I wasn’t sure which is which. I’ve just said to myself that these files won’t kill me if I happen to delete any of them. Ooops!

I organised my photos according to year-month-event they were taken.
Half of my files are photos, I rearranged each folder and rename it by year-month-event. It’s best to have proper naming of them where I can recall events just by looking at the title. After doing so, I moved all the pictures in my cloud storage.

I weed out my Safari bookmark
I’m used to bookmarking everything I see on the internet and this has to stop! I hardly revisit these sites anyway. Digital trends keep changing and several UI design tips I bookmarked a year ago was not relevant today anymore. I deleted ‘online shopping’ folder as well, it’ll be better for my soul ^-^

I bin files under ‘Downloads’ 
This should be done every week or every time I remember. It cannot be ignored, ‘Downloads’ folder is a trap.


Minimalism Series: Skincare & Make Up Essentials


This took me a while to post because life took over… Anyway, I’d like to let you know that I’m still up for this challenge no matter what. 2016 for me will be the year of owning less, looking after my skin better and living healthy.

Believe me when I say all my make up fits in the red tin except the brushes. I have it hidden in my drawer. I had to throw some maddening eye shadows (hello electric blue!) which I know I will never ever use.

Below is a list of things I use everyday. I don’t own a lot of skincare and make up but I make sure I use high quality products that worked well for my face and skin. 

Make Up Essentials

1. Dior Glow Maximiser Light Boosting Primer – with or without make up, I put this primer on my face everyday. It gives me face glow and pretty much happy about it!
2. Chanel Velvet Foundation – I had about four types of foundation at the moment but I find myself reaching for this foundation most of the time.
3. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer – I haul this product whenever I see it in store. It’s difficult to find and it’s always run out of stocks.
4. Vitamin E Face Mist – I feel that I have more control of filling my brows and eyeshadow whenever I spray this, so I’m keeping this as one of my holy grail.
5. Narsissist Eyeshadow
6. L’oreal Telescopic Mascara – tried and tested, been using this for more than a decade.
7. Tom Ford Lipstick – Sable Smoke lipstick is truly my favourite
8. NARS Bronzer Laguna

When it comes to skincare, I use pretty much what’s available in drugstore except Bioeffect, I alternate it with La Roché-Posay Redermic [R].

Skincare Essentials

1. Dry brush
2. Body Shop’s Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil
3. Body Shop’s Seaweed Day Cream Moisturiser
4. Avene Hydrance Optimale UV Riche
5. Face wash (any)
6. Bioeffect EGF Serum
8. La Roché-Posay Redermic [R] Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
7. Kiehl’s Eye cream
8. Systane Ultra UD Eyedrops
9. Face mask (any)

Minimalism Series: Wardrobe Essentials


Defining my personal style was easy, I love wearing black, that’s a start. I like wearing skinny jeans pairing them with everything. I’ve given away my dresses even before deciding to take the minimalism challenge. My life revolves around work, meeting friends over coffee or dinner or staying at home most of the times. I hardly go to parties so I don’t think I’ll need party dresses, one (LBD) little black dress would suffice I guess. I live in London where it’s always cold even in the summer so coats and jackets are must-haves. I might gonna have a bit of situation picking which bags to keep. Jewelries not so much, so I won’t have a problem purging this category.

Now I must list the essentials I’d like to keep in my wardrobe.

My 20 Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Coat
  2. Leather jacket
  3. Structured blazer
  4. Black graphic tee
  5. Black and white tees
  6. Black and white blouses
  7. White and grey long sleeves
  8. Black and grey jumpers
  9. Little black dress
  10. A-line skirt
  11. Skinny trousers
  12. Skinny jeans
  13. Ankle boots
  14. Sneakers
  15. Wedges
  16. Knee high boots
  17. Watch and earrings
  18. Cross body bag
  19. Shoulder bag
  20. Backpack

I already have most of the items I listed, except for a perfect leather jacket and A-line skirt. I hope to find them this year.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Having been moved to several countries, I’ve finally learned how to let go of things I don’t need, things that don’t matter. Last year, I participated to two carboot sales, post ads on and gave away a lot of things to charity. On our recent move to London from Dublin, we squeezed all our stuff (accumulated in 10 years) in a medium-sized van.

Once settled here in London, I feel lighter with all unnecessary stuff gone. It helps that the house we’re living in is newly built and was purely painted all in white. I decided not to hang any frames and bring just few accents. I’m planning to buy plants but have to learn not to kill them first.

While exploring more about becoming a minimalist, I chanced upon Rachel Aust’s Minimalism Series on YouTube. She also created a 60 Day Minimalism Challenge available for everyone who wants to simplify their life. I’ll be printing this list and see how I progress…

Let me know if you’re joining the challenge and tag me on Instagram @DesignSpiceUK so we can encourage one another, haha. #60daystominimal

4 Recipes of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies to Try

I’ve avoided fruits and veggies like plague, I never liked them. My mum spoiled me with anything I ask to eat when I was younger (everyday macaroni and cheese, yikes!). When she died of heart attack in 2012 at the age of only 62, I began to rethink about my unhealthy eating habits and consider to exercise. I’d like to live longer and try not get sick. I’ve searched some healty drinks that won’t make me sad drinking them. I tweaked them according to my liking, this is a must to not hate eating healthy food.

Fast forward, I drink smoothie (or sometimes veggie juice) every morning before anything else. My body is loving it and I feel lighter and happier.

Here are the four recipes you should try, they taste delicious!


Spinach Smoothie with Avocado and Apple


Orange, Apple and Strawberry Smoothie


Kale Smoothie with Pineapple and Banana



Banana and Mango Smoothie with Sweetcorn